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Welcome to Tesori of Sicily, 

the website for the fussiest of gourmands and connoisseurs of delicious food from Italy. 

Here, you will find not only the most famous Sicilian ready-made delicacies but also rare and precious Italian ingredients for incorporating into your own recipes. 


Over the course of 16 years, we have come to know the craftsmen and women who create these little gems; we have sat at their dinner tables and tasted their homegrown foods, and they have passionately illustrated the production techniques handed down from their ancestors. Whether you would like to bring the treasures from artisans home to your doorstep or immerse yourself in a Sicilian travel adventure, Tesori will help you.  

My name is Chiara,


My mission is to share my passion for food with chefs and all those who appreciate flavor, originality and authenticity.


Contact me with any questions about the foods you see on this site.



Hey, i'm David,


I select and buy the products that we import and distribute in the United States.

I have refined my palate in the last 16 years and I am always looking for delicious and innovative products.


Contact me if you want to introduce me to something special.


There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

- George Bernard Shaw -



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